Share Your Story

As a child, what challenges have you faced at school in receiving an education that meets your needs?  As a parent or guardian, what challenges have you faced in ensuring your child receives the education they need to reach their potential? 


To help all children with disabilities across Ontario get the supports they need in school, Every Kid Counts would like to hear from children and parents who live with issues associated with disabilities that impact their education, whether at a public or independent school.


Why are we asking for your story?

Story sharing is a great way to feel empowered and contribute to a larger movement calling for real policy change in this province. Your story will also help to make our advocacy more effective.  In fact, it is often through learning about the struggles and challenges faced by real people that politicians are more likely to take action to address a problem. 


We know that sharing a personal story is not easy. It can invoke past traumas and difficult experiences. Despite some progress, powerful taboos hostile to those with disabilities still exist in many communities.  Every Kid Counts is dedicated to working with you so you can share your story in a way that makes you feel comfortable and empowered. 


If you think you might be interested in sharing your story and contributing to Every Kid Counts’ efforts to bring about real policy change, please email our Executive Director, David Zarnett, at to learn more. 


The government should not discriminate between disabilities.

Children should be supported according to their need,

not according to their school.


Disclaimer on Language:  Every Kid Counts recognizes the power of language in self-identification and we respect the right of those to self-identify as they wish. On our website and in our public advocacy, as much as possible, we have sought to adopt an inclusive approach, using the terms “disabilities” as well as “special needs." Furthermore, while we have adopted a person-first approach (“I am a child with autism”) we do acknowledge and are sensitive to those who prefer to identify using an identity-first approach (“I am autistic”).

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